• Battery Adapter for performance cars to adapt a lithium ion battery to the factory battery box.
  • Installation takes less than 10 minutes and provides a lifetime of service.
  • 3D printing bypasses normal manufacturing constraints like tooling cost, time, and complex geometry.

Lithium ion batteries are significantly lighter than stock, saving 20 – 40 lbs over factory batteries.

To go faster, lose weight.” Just like adding horsepower, losing weight improves performance by increasing the power to weight ratio.

Battery adapter outer structure emulates factory battery dimensions to use stock mounts.

Posts are located similar to factory battery so cables lay correctly without bending or stress.


3D printing enables each battery adapter to be custom designed and manufactured.  Gone are normal manufacturing constraints of tooling, cost, and geometry challenges. These complex adapters cannot not be injected molded or manufactured with traditional methods. 

Love your layer lines!  Your part will have small lines for each layer of material.  This is a natural result of additive manufacturing.  

Know that your part was manufactured with a 3d printer in a sustainable way, better for the environment than traditional manufacturing.

time lapse 3d printing car part